March 2013

Oklahoma Lawmakers, CIO Partner to Change the Face of Technology

The state's IT initiative promises to cut the cost of running IT in state government, and boost service levels by modernizing equipment and housing it in a state-of-the-art facility.

Living in an Era of True Mobility

Microsoft CTO Stuart McKee predicts that mobile devices — despite presenting unique challenges — will enable new levels of productivity.

Do Governments Need Personal Social Media Policies?

While the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that private industry can't keep employees from venting about work online, how should government agencies handle personal social media policies?

Cybersecurity Strategies

Are Data Breaches Inevitable?

Small security breaches occur in government more often than many people are aware of.


Leadership: Spotting a Good Idea

Oklahoma lawmakers and CIO collaborate to make state IT consolidation work.

Book Review

Book Review: Social Media in the Public Sector Field Guide

Government agencies and officials who are still hesitant or skeptical about how to utilize social media have a new tool at their disposal.