March 2014

Brig. Gen. Michael Stone, Michigan National Guard

Cybersecurity Gets a Boost from the National Guard

The National Guard has a critical role to play in coordinating cyber-resources across federal, state and local governments.

Cyberinsurance: Do You Need It?

Not everyone’s convinced of the value, but public CIOs must be involved in the decision.

FirstNet Needs State Technology Chiefs to Play Vital Role

States have lots of questions about FirstNet; here’s why CIOs are key to making it work.

7 Ways to Innovate Government IT

Seven ingredients to tip the balance toward innovation in your organization.

Cybersecurity Strategies

Can We Secure the Internet of Things?

Bracing ourselves for the onslaught of Internet-connected devices.


Are You Paying Attention to FirstNet?

The national public safety network needs state input.


Open Communication Leads to Better IT Governance and Decision-Making

Leaders must open up their work to honest reviews.


Government Transparency Means All-ish Data All the Time

Open data is a change in thinking and behavior as much as legislation.