March 2015

Former Virginia CIO Sam Nixon

CIO Survival Guide: How to Respond to 5 Game-Changing Disasters

Here's how to deal with some of the biggest (and most difficult) issues that may come your way.

Is Ride Sharing's Next Stop a Bus?

Gabe Klein, the former head of transportation in Chicago and D.C., talks about Bridj, his new bus ride-sharing venture and what's next for transit.

5 Tools Public CIOs Find Indispensable

A look at the tech and tools that IT leaders rely on to get the job done.

How New CIOs Can Work with State Legislatures

How does a new CIO gain credibility in the statehouse?

Job Critical Advice: How Incoming CIOs Can Hit the Ground Running

A strong CIO must be a big-picture strategist who can also keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. Here's advice from several state and local CIOs on how newbies can do just that.


CIOs in Transition

Veteran CIOs offer advice on how to hit the ground running.