December 2015

Tony Saudek, Chief Performance Officer, Washington, D.C.

Jam-Packed C-Suite: How Can 3-Letter Chiefs with Roles that Touch Tech Work Together?

Each has some overlap with the CIO’s function, so each state and local government has to work out in its own way just which chief will oversee what domain.

Sending Medicaid to the Cloud

Led by Wyoming, states are ready to pioneer MMIS as a service.

Aviation’s New Frontier: How Ohio Aims to Be a Leader in Drone Research

Ohio's director of Unmanned Aerial Systems discusses his mission to see how the state can put drones to work in a region known for its aviation heritage.

2015 Digital Cities: Winners Experiment with Forward-Thinking Tech Projects

This year’s top digital cities have developed a mature infrastructure that lets city leaders experiment with technology projects that are molded in the image of the average citizen's lifestyle.