Joanne Hale, CIO, Alabama
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5 State IT Leaders Detail Their Path to the CIO's Office

Four state CIOs who came to their positions after careers in other fields and one longtime state IT executive reflect on how their experiences informed their priorities, decision-making and relationship building.

Current Special Report / Rethinking Citizen Engagement

This Public CIO Special Report examines new methods of engagement, the technologies that support them and the best practices of cities and states across the nation.


Dan Hoffman

Freedom to Fail: 4 Takes on Government Innovation Labs

Running an innovation lab in the public sector can be a tricky prospect, here’s how four governments are handling the challenge.
BY Tam Harbert
Public meeting

How Technology Is Giving Town Hall Meetings a Modern Twist

Municipalities are using the latest communications tools to make government meetings more available to the public.
IT job classifications

Facing Competition and Disruption, IT Job Classifications Get a Reboot

Governments are ditching the one-size-fits-all technology job classification system.
BY Heather Kerrigan


Grace Simrall Brings Tech Expertise, Broad Background to Innovation Role in Louisville, Ky.

The city’s chief of civic innovation discusses her approach to the position and upcoming projects.

Municipal Innovation: Trends from the 2016 Digital Cities Survey (Infographic)

Our infographic highlights key findings about how cities are using IT as well as where efforts are headed next.


Public CIO’s Founding Editor Reflects on the Magazine’s History

This will be the last issue of Public CIO, but the ideas, words and people who care about CIO leadership will continue to appear online at and in Government Technology.
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