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Drones Continue to Find Work in Ohio

Ohio / September 17, 2018

Santa Clara, Calif., Takes State Drones Rule a Step Further

Santa Clara County, Calif. / September 14, 2018

Drone-Pilot Degree Program Takes Flight at Florida College

Spring Hill, FL / September 11, 2018

Police Drones Floated as Part of Riverhead, N.Y.’s Revitalization Plan

Riverhead, NY / September 10, 2018

A Washington Parks Department Proposes Banning Drones from Its Facilities

Spokane, WA / September 5, 2018

Wake County, N.C., First to See Meds-By-Drone Delivery in U.S.

Raleigh, N.C. / August 30, 2018

Drones Are Catching on in Public Safety Circles, But Denver PD Isn’t Totally Convinced

Denver, Colo. / August 29, 2018

Georgia Police Make Compelling Case for Department Drones

Savannah, GA / August 27, 2018

High-Speed Fiber and Drones Power Live-Streaming Accident App

Wilson, N.C. / August 21, 2018

Drone Program Will Train Students for Agricultural Uses

East Peoria, Ill. / August 21, 2018

Kansas Transportation and Higher Ed Kick Off Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot

Salina, KS / August 15, 2018

Drones Offer Texas Students New Vocational Opportunities

Mission, TX / August 14, 2018

Drones Find Place in Public Service in New York Towns

Long Island, New York / August 13, 2018

Drones Will Supplement Fire, Police Departments in National City, Calif.

National City, Calif. / July 17, 2018

Marin County, Calif., Explores Potential for Drone Program

Marin County, Calif. / July 16, 2018

Ohio Wants to Lead in Flying Taxi Research

Dayton, OH / July 9, 2018

Drones Could Mean Better, Safer Utility Infrastructure Inspections

Albuquerque, NM / July 2, 2018

New Mexico Feels the Loss of Facebook’s Shelved Drone Internet Project

Truth or Consequences, NM / June 28, 2018

Huntington Beach, Calif., Greenlights One-Year Pilot Project for Public Safety Drones

Huntington Beach, CA / June 20, 2018

San Diego Turns to Drones, Other Measures to Beef Up Event Security as Shootings and Terrorism Increase

San Diego, CA / June 6, 2018

After Rockslide Blocks Road, St. Paul, Minn., Uses Drones and Lasers to Survey Situation

St. Paul, MN / June 1, 2018

Illinois House Passes Bill Making it Easier for Police to Fly Drones Above Crowds

Springfield, IL / May 31, 2018

County in Montana Works Toward Mosquito-Fighting Drone Program

Flathead County, MT / May 31, 2018

Map: FAA Selects 10 Cities for Drone Innovation Projects

University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK; San Diego, CA; Reno, NV; Bismarck, ND; Topeka, KS; Durant, OK; Memphis-Shelby County Airport, TN; Lee County, FL; Raleigh, NC and Herndon, VA / May 14, 2018

San Diego, One of 10 Winners of a Federal Drone Program, to Test Delivery and Border Surveillance

San Diego, CA / May 10, 2018

In Colorado, Local Government Searches for the Right Balance on Regulating Drones

Greenwood Village, CO and Cherry Hills Village, CO / April 23, 2018

Louisville Plans to Become First U.S. City to Use Drones to Respond to Gunshots

Louisville, Ky. / February 16, 2018

Pennsylvania Researchers Unveil Self-Piloting Drones

Pennsylvania / February 13, 2018

Which state recently became the first to outlaw droning under the influence?

Trenton, NJ / January 18, 2018