August 3, 2015

Amazon Proposes Drone 'Superhighways' for Cities

The company has proposed a two-tiered drone highway network that could revolutionize package delivery into cities.

August 2, 2015

Hacking: When Your White Hat Is Really a Black Hat

A series of recent news headlines reveal cybersecurity experts, who were being paid to defend networks, battle malware and fight cybercrime, were actually black hat hackers. What happened and what can be done to address this growing trend? Is your enterprise prepared?

August 1, 2015

What sanguine elixir are researchers transporting with drones?

Answer: blood

July 31, 2015

University Launches Online Master's Degree in Analytics to Fill Workforce Gap

The for-profit Capella University has created one of the nation's first online master of science in analytics programs with help from SAS, a top software analytics company.

July 31, 2015

New Benefits Emerge from Traditional Public Works Infrastructure

In January, the Portland Water Bureau in Oregon flipped the on switch for the first project in the U.S. to produce energy from in-pipe hydropower in a municipal water pipeline.

July 31, 2015

LAUSD Works to Improve $133 Million Student Information System

The $133.6-million computer program still isn’t fully functional, but officials say that placing students in the proper classes won’t be a problem this year.

July 31, 2015

California Launches Reporting Website to Target Water Wasters

The Department of Technology and California’s Save Our Water public education program partnered to develop and launch the mobile-optimized website

July 31, 2015

How Once Car-Centric Cities Embraced Light Rail to Transform Urban Life

Light rail advocates claim such transportation systems introduce a whole new type of development, one that appeals to both working millennials and retired snowbirds.

July 31, 2015

San Joaquin County, Calif., Joins Google Government Innovation Lab

The county, which is adjacent to Silicon Valley, is hoping to leverage the lab work to boost economic development, as well as figure out more flexible ways to deliver services.

July 31, 2015

Solar: The Energy Source of the Future?

Someday, solar energy could generate two-thirds of our electricity, shoving conventional fuel sources such as coal and natural gas to a backup role, powering generators that run only when supplies are tight.

July 31, 2015

USGS Pumps $4 Million into California’s Earthquake Early-Warning System

The U.S. Geological Survey has awarded the money to four universities where scientists are completing a “ShakeAlert” system that has already proved successful in at least two recent reality trials as quakes struck the state.

July 31, 2015

Texans Asked to Temporarily Curb Electricity Use

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the grid, asked consumers to use less electricity wherever possible during the time of the day when demand typically peaks.

July 31, 2015

Can Cameras in Special Ed Classes Protect Vulnerable Students?

Texas law says school districts must install cameras in special education classrooms if parents, teachers or school staffers request them -- and that parents be allowed to view the videos.

July 31, 2015

Marietta, Ga., Police Conduct Sting to Nab Texting Drivers

Officers posing as construction workers were dispatched to spot and ticket those texting from the driver's seat.

July 31, 2015

Facebook Aims to Bring Internet Service to Remote Areas with ‘Aquila Drone’

Facebook's Connectivity Lab has completed work on an unmanned aircraft it calls Aquila, which can send Internet signals from the sky to users below.

July 31, 2015

Cincinnati's Net-Zero Police HQ Follows Dictum of Sustainability, Green Living

The police department's new District 3 headquarters building is equipped with 40 geothermal wells, solar panels that can generate 330 kilowatts of energy, and 29 energy zones that allow for unused systems to be turned off.

July 31, 2015

What social media platform did Russian hackers use to break into U.S. computer networks?

Answer: Twitter

July 30, 2015

Helping State Governments Improve IT Accessibility

State CIOs, working alongside state procurement officials, can change the current accessibility landscape to better benefit the citizens they serve with the help of a new brief from NASCIO.

July 30, 2015

In the Digital Era, 'Print Wikipedia' Project Explores the Value of a Book

A City University of New York faculty member leads a team that made Wikipedia printable and quantified the massive amount of data on the crowdsourced website.

July 30, 2015

Boston Releases Open and Protected Data Policy

Mayor Martin Walsh announced a new policy governing the proper method of opening departmental data in the city.