Texas Department of Information Resources and IBM Make Progress on Back-up and Recovery Services

Data consolidation effort to continue with a focus on backup and recovery.

by / November 14, 2008


Today, the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and IBM announced that they have made progress on a plan to improve backup and recovery services under the state data center services contract.

"DIR and the state remain committed to the consolidation effort under the state data center services contract, which is designed to ensure the security of the state's data, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations, and save taxpayer dollars," said Brian Rawson, the state's chief technology officer.

"Working with DIR, IBM has steadily improved the state's consolidated IT infrastructure and we look forward to continuing the data consolidation effort with a focus on back-up and recovery," said Ken Weiss, vice president, State of Texas Account Executive, IBM. "IBM remains committed to the execution and implementation of the DCS project."

In light of the progress made in the area of back-up and recovery, DIR has extended an additional week to respond to the Notice to Cure letter sent from DIR to IBM last week.

IBM leads Team for Texas, a group of companies which was awarded an $863 million contract in 2006 to consolidate and operate data centers across state government. The consolidation is anticipated to save taxpayers $178 million over the 7.5 year term of the contract, said DIR in a release. IBM began running state mainframe computers and servers on April 1, 2007. Currently, 14 agencies have mainframe, server, or print and mail operations in either the new built-to-purpose data center in Austin or the state data center in San Angelo.