Missouri Consolidation Active Directory Project was a Key to Missouri Consolidation stock photo

we're retaining all state e-mails indefinitely," Bott said. "But there will be another policy coming out, I'm sure, as the records retention folks catch up with the technology."

In the long run, the Active Directory consolidation could help Missouri do a great deal more. Bott said the state's strategy is much like the one that led Walt Disney to buy thousands of acres in central Florida in the 1950s, even though he needed only a fraction of that land to build Walt Disney World. That purchase allowed Disney to add hotels, resorts and more parks when the time was right.

"We don't have all the answers about how we're going to use Active Directory, but we know it has allowed us to build our 'theme park,'" Bott said. "Now we're able to do all those other things that branch out because of the foundation we have."

Merrill Douglas  |  Contributing Writer