Briefs: Philly Mayor Wants IT Investment, Iowa Gets Hacked and Other News

Porn compromises Pennsylvania county network, San Francisco revisits Google broadband.

by / March 5, 2010
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Photo: Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter. Photo courtesy of Michael Nutter

Hacking Incident Forces Iowa Homeland Security Web Site Shutdown

On Wednesday, March 3, a computer hacker breached and defaced the Iowa Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Web site, forcing officials to shut the site down. The division's site includes information about training sessions, grant programs, administrative rules and other efforts. Information is also provided for county emergency management coordinators.

Two other state Web sites were impacted: one for veterans and another for individual and family emergency preparedness. The site remained down as officials investigated the origin of the breach.

No sensitive data was compromised, according to officials, but the event marks the second serious hacking incident in state government within the past five weeks. In January, a hacker, possibly from China, attacked a licensing database of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, which contained personal data for 80,000 people.

Source: Des Moines Register

Philadelphia Mayor Pushes for Massive IT Investment

With a proposed $120 million investment in city IT over the next five years, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter hopes to move toward a more paperless government to improve tech infrastructure, streamline services and cut costs. While not completely paperless, Nutter in his budget address stated plans to use less paper. If the City Council approves the budget, the "unprecedented" investment illustrates the administration's continuous push for IT support, following last year's overhaul of the Division of Technology and recent legislation to enact a permanent CIO position as part of the mayoral Cabinet.

Source: TechnicallyPhilly

Porn Compromises Computer Network in Armstrong County, Pa.

Pornography found on county-issued computers in Armstrong County, Pa., could cripple a multimillion dollar network designed to enhance government performance. County commissioners have been touting the computer system's investment as a technical winner, which has helped reduce costs, increase computer use and expand services. But viruses from pornographic sites could compromise the entire system, commissioners say. The porn was found on county-issued computers of elected Coroner Robert Bower, who denied downloading any pornography.


San Francisco Sets Sights on Google Broadband Again

After a Google project to deliver free, wireless Internet network in San Francisco failed more than three years ago, the city may get a second chance. The Web giant announced last month its plans to find at least one trial market to test an ultra-high speed network. Cities have until March 26 to submit applications. The test markets shouldn't have more than 500,000 people, and although San Francisco has 800,000 residents, a Google rep said a portion of the city could qualify.

Source: MarketWatch