my analysts who have bachelors' and masters' degrees are eligible for a performance-based bonus. However, my rank-and-file people, who are my desktop technicians, help desk technicians and the first line of support - those who do most of the customer service work in our organization - do not get performance-based bonuses. So I need to find other ways to reward those people and provide incentives for them.

I would internalize asset management. The more we can manage the assets - not just computer technology within the city, but our building assets - the smarter our facilities become, the easier it is to manage the entire infrastructure within the city.

Q: What would your advice be to your peers in other communities?

A: Well, it may not be original, but I still think it boils down to always being a leader. Be proactive, not reactive. Be entrepreneurial; try to find funding wherever possible and work with the politicians as much as possible to develop and nurture revenue sources. It's very important to continue to demonstrate a customer focus. Be strategic whenever you can - always look for ways to magnify initiatives and results whenever possible.

Blake Harris  |  Editor