Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO/Photo by John Harrington Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO Photo by John Harrington

Since Kundra and Chopra joined the Obama administration, state and local governments have emulated some of their new initiatives for the federal government. Kundra said that when he launched, New York City, San Francisco and Massachusetts launched similar Web sites that also house publicly available data sets from the government.

"Same thing with the IT dashboard: We're seeing that other cities and states want to leverage the same platform, and we're working with them to be engaged in getting some of the software and technologies so that this becomes a national movement," Kundra said.

OMB Watch, a nonprofit watchdog and advocacy group, hailed the openness directive in a blog post on Tuesday: "This first step, the instructions to the agencies, has gone well. Now our work must focus on ensuring the next step, implementation by agencies, goes equally well and produces substantive change.


Matt Williams  |  Associate Editor