exercises that helped to define and prioritize goals around developing the BACoE.

Day two introduced the program to front-line business analysts and ensured a common understanding of BA concepts and executive directives. Following the kickoff, the team worked in subcommittees on project deliverables, received best practice advice, and exercised skills and competencies through coaching exercises.

Special attention was also given to evaluating and treating such problematic areas as standards and methodologies topics for the BA group. "This intensive learning experience was very well received as a serious enhancement to the traditional instructor-led effort." said Ash. "Participants also felt that it accelerated the program launch significantly compared to previous programs."

Toward Change

In the early months of the program, ESI participated in regular group meetings and calls in order to provide coaching and to reinforce goals and specific training targets. While ESI continues to deliver essential counsel, the NYSOSC has quickly achieved the competency to offer coaching and mentoring using internal resources.

Other significant program accomplishments and benefits to date include:

o increased sharing of BA tools, methods, techniques and language;

o enhanced understanding of the roles and shared aspects of the BA and the PM;

o development of content for and current development under way for an internal BA knowledge management intranet portal;

o establishment of the BACoE and a BA Community of Practice within NYSOSC;

o increased awareness of Business Analysis Body of Knowledge principles;

o development of a NYSOSC-proposed Civil Service Standard for a BA title series;

o creation of a self-assessment tool for BA competency that assists individual training and development planning; and

o establishment of valuable mentor/protégé relationships.

Championed by executive sponsors Belden and Schanzenbach and project manager Ash, the internal team continues to recommend and oversee BA learning programs and progress, as well as support the advancement of BA maturity.

Glenn R. Brûlé is the executive director of client solutions for ESI International, a solutions provider of project management, contract management, business analysis, sourcing management training and business skills training.