3. Retweet

A retweet is when you repeat what someone else posted, paying careful attention to attribute the post to the original sender. It's like sending electronic kudos. Retweeting other people's tweets will help you generate good will with your followers and attract new followers.

"There are a couple of technical areas or policy themes where I try to watch for insightful or interesting things, and I'll retweet or post links to those," Catlett said.

4. Deepen Twitter Connections via Face-to-Face Meetings

Meeting people who I tweet with really has solidified my relationships with a number of allies in my network. Take the time to attend Tweetups or meet your fellow Tweeps at conferences.

"I also found that when I went to conferences ... like a Gartner conference, I would end up meeting people who were following me and thus developed an instant familiarity," Cureton said.

5. Tap Twitter Apps

Twitter has spawned a slew of Twitter applications that are unreliable, but some are useful. For example, Tweetlater is a tool that you can use to schedule posts to be sent ahead of time. Spending time testing Twitter applications is a great place to see some innovation at work.

Chris Curran  |  Contributing Writer
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