GMIS International today released the results of its 2009 CIO Focus Survey. The annual survey uncovers what's on the minds and to-do lists of public-sector IT leaders. It also identified the top 10 "must see" topics for the upcoming August conference in Newport, Rhode Island. Both the need and desire to focus on strategic initiatives such as planning, governance and alignment rose to the top of their respective lists this year. While participating IT leaders identified virtualization as their second most desirable focus, with cost control/consolidation coming in second on their must-do list.

"The significant increase in our focus on cost control/consolidation and complementary strategic efforts is certainly indicative of the challenges facing government today and in the near future," remarked 2009 International Conference Chairperson Matt Wainwright.

Records management/e-discovery remained the top must-see conference topic with virtualization and the greening of IT -- both new to the list -- coming in second and third respectively. Political concerns, security, enterprise content management, mobility, data sharing and business continuity remained top interests. Open source products, also new to the list, rounded out the top 10.

"Although the survey is used to assist the Conference Committee with determining topics and speakers, it's also a good resource for considering what issues and challenges IT leaders are facing. It stimulates discussions and helps the Executive Board determine priorities for its programs and member benefits," said GMIS President Ken Keen of Sedgwick County, Kansas.