Top 50 Government Innovations for 2009 Announced by JFK School

Fifty innovations selected from 600 applicants.

by / April 1, 2009

Former Washington, D.C., CTO and now federal CIO Vivek Kundra (pictured) drove the Data Feeds: Democratization of Government Data project for D.C., one of 50 top innovations for 2009.

The John F. Kennedy School of Government's Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard today announced its annual pick of  government innovations. The top 50 were selected from some 600 applicants from federal, state, city, county and tribal government agencies. Six winners will be announced in September.

Among the winners were the following information-technology related innovations:

  • Online Inmate Information and Jail Visit Reservation: Santa Clara County, Calif. -- The Online Inmate Information and Jail Visit Reservation System is an application that allows approved users to look up inmate information and schedule inmate visits via Santa Clara County's Web site.
  • Instant Ticket Program: City of Wilmington, Del. -- The Instant Ticket Program allows Code Enforcement Inspectors in Wilmington to issue instant $50 fines, similar to parking tickets, upon property owners who violate sanitation laws.
  • Data Feeds: Democratization of Government Data: Washington, D.C. -- Data Feeds: Democratization of Government Data improves the utility and transparency of District of Columbia government data by providing a centralized access point with a focus on delivering real-time operational information from multiple agencies.
  • Emergency Contact Information: State of Florida -- Through the Emergency Contact Information program, Florida's motorists are able to upload electronic emergency contact information, which is then accessible by law enforcement officers in the event of a traffic accident.
  • Mapping Evapotranspiration from Satellites: State of Idaho -- Idaho's Mapping Evapotranspiration from Satellites produces detailed images of evapotranspiration, enhancing the understanding of local and regional water-demand issues.
  • Citywide Performance Reporting Online System: City of New York, N.Y. The Citywide Performance Reporting Online System is an interactive dashboard for user-friendly access to New York City's government performance data. This program gives agencies and citizens online access to critical measures with automatic trend evaluation.
  • GoArmyED: Department of the Army -- GoArmyEd -- harnesses Web-based technology into a one-stop virtual portal that provides online, secondary educational support, tuition and other services, while efficiently streamlining administrative functions for the benefit of soldiers in the United States Army.
  • Video Service Delivery: Social Security Administration -- The  Social Security Administration offers a widespread Video Service Delivery network which drastically enhances service to American Indian Nations and rural area residents.
Wayne Hanson Senior Executive Editor, Center For Digital Government