Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO/Photo by John Harrington Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO Photo by John Harrington

What we're trying to do on the cloud computing platform is to make sure that we could simplify and abstract the complexities for agencies so they can go online, and literally, in the same way that you and I in our personal lives can access those services. How can we make sure we have infrastructure that is FISMA certified, prebake that into the architecture, so they're essentially provisioning the services on demand?

As the federal government moves toward cloud applications and data, how does that change the technology relationships between federal, state and local governments?

I think it creates a huge opportunity for federal, state and local government because for far too long we've been thinking very much vertically and making sure things are separated. Now we have an opportunity to lead with solutions that by nature encourage collaboration horizontally and vertically. But I also want to underscore the fact that it's important to make sure the privacy of the American people and the security of these systems are addressed. For that reason, we are approaching it from two different angles. One is information that may be public in nature, that's not classified or sensitive, that could sit in consumer applications, and two, information that may be classified in nature that would have to be in infrastructure that is government owned and operated.