How the Public Is Helping Turn North Carolina into a 'Gig State'

/ August 9, 2017

Can Former Microsoft CEO's New Website Change Government?

The San Diego Union-Tribune / August 9, 2017

New Hampshire to Release Voter Data to Election Commission

Dave Solomon, The New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester / August 8, 2017

Building the IT Workforce You Want

/ August 8, 2017

Maine Regularly Sells the Voter Data that It Denied to Feds

Scott Thistle, Portland Press Herald, Maine / August 7, 2017

Widely Used Password Advice Turns Out to Be Wrong, NIST Says

Douglas Perry, The Oregonian, Portland, Ore. / August 10, 2017

Illinois Blockchain Proofs of Concept Likely to Materialize Later This Year

/ August 11, 2017

California IT Workers’ Union Warns of Impending Exodus from State Jobs

Adam Ashton, The Sacramento Bee / August 7, 2017

Undersea Fiber Network to Deliver 100-Gigabit-Per-Second Broadband Speeds to Hawaii

Kathryn Mykleseth, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser / August 8, 2017

Former Google Employee's Memo Illustrates the Tech Industry's Diversity Struggle

Tracey Lien and David Pierson, Los Angeles Times / August 8, 2017

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