Special Report: Cybersecurity

How bad is the cybersecurity threat to government agencies? How do we protect our systems and our people? Our latest Special Report provides answers to these critical questions that all government leaders should be asking themselves. Inside, you will find a detailed look at the ever-evolving digital threats that are impacting federal, state and local governments. Most importantly, the report focuses on solutions — proven practices and innovative thinking to combat cyber threats through awareness, training and technological innovations.


Extending IT Services to Business Process Automation

This case study explores Howard County, Md.’s vision to turn its cloud-based IT support system into a solution for streamlining business processes and citizen requests. Download it now to learn how the county scaled its platform to automate operations and steps your agency can take to do the same

Operations Tech: Cutting Costs, Improving Service

Stop wasting time and money struggling with legacy technology. Read this white paper to get up to speed on modern solutions, and learn how operations management technology can help your team reduce costs, break data silos, and improve service.

Automation: Optimizing Your Crisis Management Plan

Nature waits for no one. That's why it's important to get an effective crisis management plan in place now. Learn more about how smart, automated software can help your department create a strong plan you can rely on in this government guide.

Integrating Service and Project Management to Get the Job Done Smarter, Faster and Better

This paper offers several best practices to get agencies started down the path of integrated work management so they can reap these benefits. Download now to learn more.

Defending Government Against Ransomware Attacks

Public agencies must modernize their malware security solutions to cope with the growing ransomware threat. This paper will detail the current challenges confronting public sector agencies, and it will show how a transformational security technology called the cloud sandbox can protect their data from this 21st-century form of extortion.

Refreshing Aging Infrastructure to Enable Delivery of New Applications and Better Services

Learn how the City of Redmond retired their aging NetApp and HP infrastructure and built a less complex solution, eliminating 8 hours per week of storage management while gaining linear scalability with non-disruptive upgrades and reduced their datacenter footprint from 3 cabinets to 1.

Taking Mobility to the Next Level

Find out how Surface devices - as well as new ways of buying and managing those devices - are enabling agencies like the California Department of Social Services and the New York City Board of Elections to take their mobile workforce initiatives to the next level.


In these uncertain times around healthcare and insurance, states must continue their mission of delivering programs and managing costs and prepare for upcoming changes.

Connect for Success: How Connected Communities unite data, systems and people

As connected community projects across the country show, forward-looking governments are reengineering internal systems to achieve the full benefits of modernization. Fortunately, this reengineering process doesn’t have to be long and expensive, thanks to a host of new options like integrated, end-to-end platforms designed for state and local government, as well as reliable SOA technology that facilitates data sharing.

Smart Building Infrastructure

The benefits of connecting people, processes, data, and things with integrated network technology solutions.