Special Report: Cybersecurity

How bad is the cybersecurity threat to government agencies? How do we protect our systems and our people? Our latest Special Report provides answers to these critical questions that all government leaders should be asking themselves. Inside, you will find a detailed look at the ever-evolving digital threats that are impacting federal, state and local governments. Most importantly, the report focuses on solutions — proven practices and innovative thinking to combat cyber threats through awareness, training and technological innovations.


5 Steps to Secure Your Print Environment

In June 2016, CDG surveyed 178 government decision-makers to better understand threat levels, compliance and decision-making around print security. This infographic illustrates the 5 steps for achieving a secure print environment as well as the perceptions surrounding the topic.

Augmenting IT

The need to optimize and modernize government systems and service delivery is greater than ever. To do that effectively, Public CIOs must understand how emerging technologies fit into their upgrade strategies, as well as how their current technologies will evolve. Our latest Public CIO Special Report provides a roadmap to next-gen digital government and explains why it’s important to get there.

All-Flash Data Centers for Dummies

Are you considering the switch to all-flash storage? Read this Dummies book to learn: How to contain your storage costs Attain storage simplicity and manageability Ways to achieve scalability and agility Reasons you need all-flash storage

Evergreen Storage is Changing Customer Experience Expectations

This IDC white paper assesses the impact Evergreen Storage has had on the enterprise storage industry and discusses the technical, financial, and business implications of the program from a customer point of view. Longer version - The upgrade cycle for traditional enterprise storage was not only expensive, but disruptive, risky, and time consuming. In 2015, Pure Storage challenged customer preconceptions about this upgrade cycle with Evergreen Storage, which allows storage to stay modern non-di

Digital Modernization By Way of the Cloud

Download this paper to learn how utilizing cloud services can help agencies save money, increase productivity, become more agile and focus on their core missions.

An Alternative Approach to Modernization

High-performance bundles of hardware and software offer a modern alternative to legacy systems while addressing public sector concerns about moving sensitive data offsite. This paper explains database appliances in detail, discusses how they address the biggest IT imperatives in state and local government, and offers the insights of public sector officials who have reengineered their IT operations with the help of these innovative systems.

A Quest for Transparency: Using Social Media to Build Citizen Trust

The city of Dallas is on a mission to improve transparency in all aspects of government. The city has implemented a variety of solutions to support this initiative, one of which is an automated social media archiving platform. Download this case study to learn more about the city’s open data efforts and how social media archiving is improving transparency.

What's Out There Threatening Your Network?

Threats are wide and varied, but it's important to know what's out there, and what you can do about it. Before you jump on the data bandwagon, it's important to ask yourself: what network threats am I most vulnerable to? Have I adopted best practices, and are those effectively communicated to all employees? Do I have a plan in place in the case of an attack?

Welcome to the New Era of Innovation

The new Quest is here to help you modernize and automate, get to the cloud quicker, and provide the expertise and security to grow your mobile and data-driven business. Make sure your technology is smarter and better with these great new Quest innovations.

Building a Foundation to Transform the Citizen Experience

Government agencies are working to engage citizens in all sorts of initiatives — from economic development to neighborhood improvements to public safety — and a robust distributed enterprise networking strategy can make their services fast, convenient and easy to use, and put mission-critical data in the hands of public employees, wherever they work. Download this paper to learn more.