Infrastructure: A Matter of Choice

Should your agency deploy a commercial or government-owned network? Should employees bring their own devices or should you supply devices to them? Our latest Special Report evaluates these questions along with other critical infrastructure choices that government leaders face. Inside you will find a framework that helps leaders make these difficult decisions, insights from your peers that have already chosen a path and in-depth research from the field that will help your agency get the most out of its current and future IT infrastructure investments.


Why better procurement software matters in the public sector

Learn how public sector procurement has changed - and what that means for your procurement software. Read about the benefits of modern platforms, and the 5 key questions you need to ask when you’re considering what software makes the most sense for procurement.

Streamlining the Response to Public Records Requests

Fulfilling a public records request used to be a daunting task for La Plata County, Colo., where state law requires response within 72 business hours. With legal implications looming overhead, La Plata decided it was time to replace its antiquated approach to document management. Today, La Plata’s response process is largely automated within its Laserfiche enterprise content management system, and county employees and taxpayers are reaping the benefits. Download this case study to learn mo

The Future of Tech in Government

Download this report for key insights into the transformative technologies shaping state and local government today and in the future.

5 Strategies for Going Agile in Government

Download this paper for insight into successful strategies on how to address the thorniest challenges of using agile in government.

Accelerate Your Enterprise Storage for the Cloud Era

Antiquated storage models aren’t doing you any favors, just the opposite in fact (especially if you’ve already made some moves to the cloud).

The Data Economy Report - 2017 Industry Insights

More than 9,000 IT professionals spanning twenty-four countries across the US, Europe, and Asia that provides industry insights on how organizations are balancing infrastructure and applications for digital business.

A New Approach to Unstructured Data

Read this TechTarget white paper to learn how organizations are overcoming common challenges with big data workloads.

Alaska Warms Up to the Benefits of Master Data Management

Picture a world where information about each citizen you serve is accessible in one single, comprehensive record. Understanding who your citizens are, the types of services they consume, and how they prefer to consume them is a key step in ensuring the right strategic decisions are made.

Challenges & Trends in State and Local IT Operations: United States

Digital transformation has become a painful necessity for the public sector, as they modernize to keep up with shifting expectations. While the shift in IT is being embraced, it has led to an overall loss of confidence in state and local IT operations. Download the report to learn about the loss of confidence in state and local government, the main challenges driving this sentiment and the silver lining that is helping overcome them.

So Many Threats, So Little Time

Download this case study to learn how with the help of AT&T security services, the agency is now able to proactively protect an enormous amount of financial data despite its small staff and budget.