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Making the Case for Government Technology Investment

Technology is a critical component of government’s ability to improve performance, but economic factors are forcing a re-examination of which tools offer the greatest benefits at the lowest costs. Return on investment, total cost of ownership and making the business case for technology are all important factors for government leaders to consider. Read this Special Report for research and analysis about the technologies that are providing jurisdictions like yours the biggest bang for their buck.



A Roadmap to Integrated Cyber Defense in Government

Download this paper to learn how to overcome the hurdles and reap the benefits of implementing an integrated cyber defense.

How Nebraska is Building a Unified Back-Office

Learn how the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services is unifying their hybrid patchwork of on-premises and cloud solutions from multiple vendors into a single, enterprise-wide back-office platform.

Organizational Transformation Leveraging Modern Infrastructure to Deliver Cognitive, AI, and Analytics Capabilities

AI-based applications, processes, and services are changing the world. Organizations need to have a strong AI strategy that makes the best use of resources while protecting and securing the enterprise from threats and malefactors. Deep learning–as-a-service offerings such as IBM Cloud provide a safe and secure method of achieving this while providing agile, economical tools to build and run AI-based applications.

Digital Transformation: Reinventing the business of government

The time has come to fundamentally rethink the underlying operations, processes, and culture that make up the business of government. Rather than reengineering to a fixed view of today’s expectations, digital reinvention creates the capability to address the moving target of rising citizen expectations.

7 Steps to Protect Sensitive Federal Data

Security threats continue to grow along with data and mobile usage. Forward-thinking federal agencies are partnering on security programs that address employees and processes, as well as technology.

The Promise of Cloud for Health and Human Services

Get a graphical view of how the cloud can help your program managers and IT experts shift away from routine maintenance and toward solutions that add value for agency employees and citizens alike.

The 2017 Federal Insider Threat Report

With the introduction of the cloud, federal agencies are more focused than ever on combating insider threats. 86% of federal agencies now have a formal insider threat prevention program in place, up from 55% in 2015. See how effective these programs are in the war against cyberattackers.

Using Technology to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Every day, ninety-one Americans die from opioid overdoses, with victims coming from all walks of life. Government at the state and local level are seeking ways to mitigate this crisis that is destroying families, burdening law enforcement agencies and impacting the lives of children abandoned by their addicted parents.

Government at Work: Implementing a Portal Approach to Citizen Service

Government IT's foremost priority is always citizen service. The digital revolution has given technologists amazing opportunities to aid the public, including dramatically enhanced services. The ease and efficiency with which citizens can now interface with government is not only expected but demanded. Download this paper to learn how agencies can best leverage the cloud to forge an innovative citizen services portal.

Why a Platform Approach to Identity Management Should be Part of Digital Transformation

The case for upgrading to the cloud has been made countless times, and with good reason. The cloud offers flexibility, scalability, and pay-as-you-go alternatives that make government IT more efficient and effective. However, digital transformation as a whole is often overlooked. Understanding how a platform approach to identity gives end-users a seamless experience and adds speed and agility to any cloud implementation is key.