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Modernizing Outdated Enterprise IT Infrastructure: What You Need to Know

Government agencies are developing interactive websites, launching social media programs and introducing mobile applications. However, the robust enterprise IT infrastructure needed to support these new tools is often outdated or not easily scalable.

The public sector must upgrade, connect and consolidate their infrastructure before it becomes obsolete and unable to support collaborative environments, but modernizing IT infrastructure comes with distinct challenges. This Special Report introduces a framework for organizing infrastructure and examining the impact of faulty or aging infrastructure on the government enterprise. Through case studies and best practices, it reveals the solutions and tools agencies are using to fine-tune their enterprise infrastructure and highlights the importance of communication and change management with key stakeholders.




Defend Your Agency's Infrastructure with Print Security

Brother offers compliant, reliable devices and customized solutions that meet your demands, while providing a flexible foundation for government agencies. With the right partner and infrastructure in place, your institution can be ready to take on print security threats. Download this key research from IDC to learn more.

Digital Business and Cloud Deployments Accelerate Need for IT Infrastructure Monitoring

This IDC analyst report dives into what to look for in an IT infrastructure monitoring solution, its benefits, key characteristics of modern infrastructure solutions and how best to implement a new or improved infrastructure monitoring approach.

Analytics-Driven Security In Government: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

This ebook provides insight into the current government threat landscape, and how best to address them. See how an analytics-driven approach to security is being used at Fairfax County and City of Los Angeles in this guide.

Investigation or Exasperation? The State of Security Operations

Does your agency have the processes in place to investigate and effectively respond to these incidents? This IDC InfoBrief shares insights and statistics on the consolidated time security teams spend on incident response, how organizations are coping with an average of 40 actionable security incidents per week and where organizations should focus their security efforts.

Unlocking The Value of Data for Smart Communities

Data collection and management within a city is often decentralized and stored in departmental silos, where each city manager creates a "cockpit" of data and a set of tools for managing specific city facilities. This approach makes it difficult, if not impossible, to generate a city-wide view of the data.

5 Things to Know about Drone Deployment

Drones have flown into new territory as the technology becomes more affordable and the Federal Aviation Administration looks to relax previously prohibitive regulations. The reason in simple. Drones have near limitless uses and can be a critical tool to help government agencies operate more efficiently, obtain actionable information – and, more importantly, save lives. Download this infographic to learn how drones can be a game changer for your agency.

How To Create a Modern Ransomware Security Strategy

Ransomware attacks against government and education institutions are becoming more targeted and potentially more dangerous as the lure of profits entices cybercriminals to exploit new vulnerabilities. How can public sector officials up their security game to counter these targeted and sophisticated attacks?

How Endpoints Can Strengthen Cybersecurity

Government IT leaders view cybersecurity as a top priority but getting a handle on it can be difficult. In this Q&A, Ron Chestang, Senior Security Consultant for HP, shares his expert perspective on how governments can better address their cybersecurity challenges.

Making Paper-Based Processes a Thing of the Past

Automating paper-based processes can help agencies improve service to citizens, fast track modernization efforts and bring countless other benefits. By digitizing its case files and implementing an e-signature solution integrated with a customer relationship management system, the California Office of Tax Appeals was able to reduce costs and improve collaboration among its judges and attorneys.

Why Visual Analytics?

Visual analytics allows you to explore data visually, in real time. At any moment, you can instantly change what data you are looking at and instantly change the way you are looking at it.