Modernizing Outdated Enterprise IT Infrastructure: What You Need to Know

Government agencies are developing interactive websites, launching social media programs and introducing mobile applications. However, the robust enterprise IT infrastructure needed to support these new tools is often outdated or not easily scalable.

The public sector must upgrade, connect and consolidate their infrastructure before it becomes obsolete and unable to support collaborative environments, but modernizing IT infrastructure comes with distinct challenges. This Special Report introduces a framework for organizing infrastructure and examining the impact of faulty or aging infrastructure on the government enterprise. Through case studies and best practices, it reveals the solutions and tools agencies are using to fine-tune their enterprise infrastructure and highlights the importance of communication and change management with key stakeholders.




Closing the Connectivity Gap

The Center for Digital Education conducted research and convened education leaders at three roundtables in Omaha, Neb., Baton Rouge, La., and San Diego, Calif., throughout 2018 to learn best practices and innovative ideas that have helped close the connectivity gap. This guide is a culmination of those efforts and helps answer some of education leaders’ most pressing connectivity questions.

Planning a Migration to the Hybrid Cloud: Practical Advice for State and Local Government Leaders

Agility, flexibility and safety make hybrid cloud models attractive to governments agencies, but many are concerned about potential issues - especially securing data across multiple environments. Download this paper now to learn how to lay the groundwork for a successful hybrid cloud implementation.

Natural Disaster Hazard Assessment Guide

Safety. It's a feeling not easily recaptured following the devastation of a disaster striking your home or business. That's why it's important to be aware of some of the potential hazards of cleaning up after a disaster event—and to know 3M is here to help.

How to Develop a Data-Centric Government

Much of governments’ valuable data remains an untapped resource for decision-makers in the private sector – but this is changing. Download this infographic to see how new technologies can put the power of analytics in the hands of your entire organization.

Implementing The Digital Workspace in Government: A Practical Guide to Developing a Digital Workspace Strategy

The ability for employees to access applications and data on any device at any time from any location is a top priority for many IT decision-makers. Learn how leaders are implementing secure digital workspace solutions that include greater productivity and efficiency wherever their employees access data.

How State & Local Governments Are Embracing The Hybrid Cloud

As government IT officials develop their cloud strategies, it can be instructive to learn what approaches are most prevalent among their peers. In August 2018, the Center for Digital Government (CDG) conducted a national survey of 170 state and local government IT executives. This report details their motivations and plans for cloud adoption, the challenges they foresee in their transition to the cloud and the factors that influence their procurement decisions in this area.

The Digital Government: Unlocking New Value with Intelligent Technologies

Discover how public sector organizations transform to intelligent enterprises through integrated applications that can be extended on SAP Cloud Platform. See how digitalization offers immense opportunities to deliver intelligently and efficiently on your mission to protect the community, provide services, and help the economy prosper.

Why Security Doesn't Have to be a Barrier to Government Cloud Adoption

Over the past few years, cloud access security brokers (CASB) have become an essential element of any cloud security strategy. In this Q&A with Government Technology, Daniel Tang, cloud solutions architect at McAfee, discusses how CASB can help government agencies bolster cloud security and enforce compliance and governance policies.

Modernizing the Government Contact Center: Three Practical Steps

Learn how a mid-west Bureau of Motor Vehicles modernized its contact center and reduced costs, increased employee engagement and boosted customer satisfaction.

New Castle County Updates Their Network to the 21st Century

As the largest county in Delaware with over 550,000 residents and 1,600 government employees, Mike Hojnicki, Chief of Technology and Administrative Services, was tasked with upgrading their government infrastructure to the 21st century to keep up with increasing citizen demands. Learn how they deployed wireless, switching, and security at 25 sites in less than 2 years.