Special Report: Smarter, Leaner, Faster

Technology has always been a vital tool in the ongoing government effort to improve productivity, cut costs and enhance constituent services. But the best IT groups are now looking at ways to unify disparate systems, applications, departments and agencies to develop an integrated, IT-fueled approach to better serve constituents. Governments at all levels are realizing the win-win-win opportunities of more collaborative, enterprise-wide infrastructures and services. 

Cost savings, increased efficiencies and improved citizen engagement are just the start. This Special Report on Enterprise IT Services is a go-to-guide for CIOs and other federal, state and local agency leaders on how to utilize enterprise IT services to support smarter, faster and leaner government processes. It is packed full of benefits and best practices from the agencies that have realized the transformative power of IT infrastructures and services applied across the enterprise.


Essential Questions Government Leaders Should Ask When Choosing an ECM System [Issue Brief]

Given the power of an ECM system to transform work, decisions and services for government, it’s important to carefully evaluate available solutions. This brief lists critical questions government leaders should ask before making an investment.

Boosting Governments’ Social Media Presence

Find out how Hollywood, Fla., has not only significantly grown its social media presence, but achieved it in a way that simplifies future public records requests.

Improving Emergency Response with Digital Communications

Saginaw County, Mich., increases interoperability, communication and collaboration with a digital voice and data network, as well as modern computer-aided dispatch.

Is Your IT Team Plagued with Password Recovery Requests?

Robust security measures are critical in government at all levels – but passwords and the support required by IT to manage passwords can drain productivity. Read on to see how the city of Houston overcame this challenge and is on track to recapture the time of three IT employees that was once spent on password recovery tasks.

Should Government Invest in Better Recruitment Strategies?

Government agencies already have staff shortages, and now Baby Boomer retirement is in full swing. This infographic highlights some important workforce statistics and how public sector agencies are faring.

5 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Open Data Policy

Forward-thinking public sector organizations realize that they're custodians of an enormously valuable resource: the data they collect through every-day operations. Here's the five key questions to consider when crafting an open data policy.

Financial Transparency for Smarter Government and Citizens

Financial transparency demonstrates serious commitment to open government. In order for open data programs to have significant impact, the smartest governments publish raw data and provide their citizens with visual illustrations. Here’s how to get started.

Enterprise Mobile Applications Improve Reach of HHS Agencies

By providing enterprise mobile solutions, Diona is helping transform HHS by enabling access to relevant information and services anytime, anywhere.

Technology-Enabled Information Sharing Improves Criminal Justice in Orange County

Process improvements and a secure exchange portal allow police officers and court system to electronically process probably cause declarations.

How Managed Print Services Makes Room for Innovation

Inefficient processes and unnecessary costs are bogging down government agencies. Find out how managed print services does more than reduce paper.
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