On Feb. 22, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation tweeted a job alert to aid in its search for a CIO and director of the city and county Department of Technology — the position vacated by Miguel Gamiño last year. According to city officials, Ken Bukowski now serves as interim CIO.

After losing Gamiño to New York City, where he now serves as its chief technology officer, San Francisco has been on the hunt for the perfect candidate to fill the position on a permanent basis — one who possesses “outstanding leadership qualities that will bring stability and credibility” to the city, according to the brochure outlining the job description and qualifications.

The posting emphasizes senior-level and management experience, but notes that experience can be drawn from either government or private-sector backgrounds. Of the top 15 largest cities in the United States based on population, San Francisco is currently the only one without a CIO leading its tech operations.

  CIOs in Top American Cities
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The deadline to submit a resume is Feb. 28, 2017. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a compelling cover letter, comprehensive resume and current salary via email to apply@ralphandersen.com.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect the fact that Ken Bukowski currently serves as San Francisco's interim CIO.