Inside-out home extension Andrew Maynard Architects installed a bathtub within the uncovered section of the house extension.
Photo by: Maynard Architects/Peter Bennetts

Australian Architects Build 'Inside-Out' Home Extension

by / January 20, 2015

A home in Seddon, Victoria, Australia, is unlike any other -- part of it has been renovated to mesh the outdoors with the indoors.

kitchen+area+of+the+inside-out+home+extensionCalled "Cut Paw Paw" by Andrew Maynard Architects -- for the name of the parish in which the house presides -- the renovation and extension is deliberately incomplete, according to the architects.

"Derek and Michelle, the owners, asked that the house be 'ridiculously inside-out,'" the website states. "To accomplish this we not only employed tested and successful ideas such as sliding walls, bifold doors and decks, we also left the building incomplete."

The central space between the dining area and the studio, for instance, is an unclad frame within and surrounded by garden. "It is both inside and outside. It is both a new building and an old ruin. It is both garden and home."