Can the SkyCruiser Bring the Gift of Flight to Everyone?

by Jessica Mulholland / October 29, 2014

A new startup is working to bring the gift of flight to the average Joe.

Krossblade Aerospace, which originated at a hacker and makerspace in Arizona, has developed a concept that would let everyday folks drive to a helipad, and then take off for a desired destination.

The hybrid five-seat transformer airplane called SkyCruiser travels at more than 300 mph, and lets a person travel directly from point A to point B, instead of our traditional method of travel (you know, driving in your car from home to the airport, and then flying from the airport to another airport, and then driving with a rental car from the destination airport to your hotel).

Rather than spending three to four hours going from Los Angeles to San Francisco, according to the startup's website, SkyCruiser takes you directly from your home in L.A. to your hotel in San Francisco, point to point, in just a little more than one hour.

Krossblade founders say this technology could change the way we travel and live by making it easier, faster and more efficient to commute, attend conferences and do business.