Red Bull Content Pool 2013 Photo by: Aaron Rogosin/Red Bull Content Pool

Designing and Building a New Musical Instrument

by Jessica Mulholland / June 25, 2013

Earlier this month, six teams gathered on a rooftop bar in Brooklyn to participate in the third annual Red Bull Creation competition, where each team had 72 hours to design and build a new musical instrument.

As Digital Trends reported, the teams had "practically no restrictions" when it came to the build. They were allowed to create whatever they wanted using "every tool imaginable," like 3D printers, laser and plasma cutters, and welding and cutting machines.

The winner -- MB Labs from Chicago -- took the $10,000 grand prize for its Autoloop project, which lets users control drums via a separate table that uses sensors to determine the rhythm. And that rhythm varies depending on where on the table the objects are placed.