Mercedes-Benz F 015 The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion autonomous vehicle out for a drive.
Photo by: Flickr/maesthierryportfolio

Driverless Mercedes Takes a Spin in San Francisco

by / March 10, 2015

Though Google is typically the company making headlines when it comes to autonomous vehicles, other automakers are beginning to join in -- like Mercedes-Benz, with its F 015 Luxury in Motion driverless car that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Most recently, however, this futuristic-looking concept car has been seen making its way through the streets (and hills) of San Francisco.


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As noted by The Blaze, the F 015 goes beyond automated braking and steering systems, doubling as a "virtual living room" with a lounge-like seating arrangement for up to four people.

Some questioned whether the car galavanting around the City by the Bay was truly running autonomously or was under human control. According to, it's not really driverless -- a person at the helm was making sure the Mercedes didn't suddenly "go rogue."