office space where sitting is forbidden "The End of Sitting" is a first step toward a future where standing at work is the new norm.
Photo by: RAAAF

Labyrinth-Like Office in Amsterdam Forbids Sitting

by News Staff / December 9, 2014

Sitting all day is bad for us. As Vox noted earlier this year, the amount of time we spend sitting increases our chance of colon, endometrial, lung and other cancers. The more we sit, the more we're prone to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Each hour we spend sitting reduces our life expectancy by about 21.8 minutes, regardless of exercise and diet.

And yet so many jobs these days require us to work at our computer. Some people have decided to use standing desks, and others the treadmill desk. But in the Netherlands, the RAAAF design studio has come up with another option, called "The End of Sitting," which looks like a labyrinth and is described as "an installation at the intersection of art, architecture, philosophy and empirical science."

In this proposed workplace design, the seat and table are no longer the starting point, and people are challenged to consider changing positions during the work day. This concept, according to the studio, is a first step toward a future where standing to work is the new norm.

The office space was built in an art space in Amsterdam where, according to Gizmodo, a rotating cast of writers, artists and philosophers are working out of it. Currently a group of researchers from the University of Groningen is on hand to study the arrangement and issue a report in 2015.