NYC's Potential Underground Park

by / January 3, 2012

Since 1948, a 1.5 acre SPURA (Seward Park Urban Renewal Area) plot in New York City -- that runs about three blocks under Delancey Street between Essex Street and the entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge -- has sat vacant. But the old trolley terminal may soon be put to good use -- in a somewhat unordinary fashion.

James Ramsey and Daniel Barasch have a vision to transform the abandoned terminal, and they're calling it the Delancey Underground Project. They propose turning it into a subterranean park filled with sunlight, vegetation and shops, and propose doing this via a skylight using fiber-optic technology that will naturally light the area beneath the streets of New York City. 

Shown above is a photograph of the abandoned trolley terminal as it sits now, and two renderings of what the area could look like if Ramsey and Barasch get their hands on it. 

Photo and images courtesy of James Ramsey and Daniel Barasch