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Luca Parmitano self portrait in space Photo by: ESA/NASA

Taking a Selfie in Space

by / December 17, 2013

The Oxford Dictionary deemed "selfie" -- Internet slang for a self portrait -- its word of the year for 2013 in November. And one of the best selfies out there comes from Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, who shared his experiences in space in his blog prior to returning to earth on Nov. 11. 

"My last look outside from space shows that we are rotating slowly as expected. Everything out there is black. A blackness I know well," he wrote in his blog. "I glance at the instruments: I want to be sure to catch the entry into the atmosphere that the spacecraft calculates based on our deceleration. At the exact moment that the computer indicates reentry I turn my head in the helmet of my Sokol spacesuit to look outside: a white, dense light flashes at me through the window as if the Soyuz were sinking into a thick liquid. I begin to feel the pull of gravity."

In Parmitano's selfie, his helmet clearly reflects not only his arms and the camera, but also the International Space Station and Earth from afar. 

Parmitano shared another selfie from space via Twitter, saying: