council then can determine whether each project is providing a solid return on investment of time and money.

Initially the programs and divisions weren't happy to see their IT staff moved to a central organization, Ghods said. To ensure IT projects would continue to meet their needs, the CDFA assigned each division an account manager - an IT staff member who serves as a business-side liaison. "Any complaints, any initiatives for new projects, any kudos, could be communicated to these single points of contact from IT," he said. "If necessary, we would even house the IT liaison or account rep at their physical location at the division for a temporary period of time."

By creating a governance structure that supports better project and portfolio management and implementing tools to support that effort, the CDFA's IT organization can provide better service to its customers, Ghods said. "Aligning IT with the business [side] is the outcome of having project/portfolio management."


Merrill Douglas  |  Contributing Writer