Google Earth, for example, with overlays to tell them where the emergency situations are, where are the emergency workers, where are the casualties, where's the hazardous material, which way is the wind blowing, who do I have to get out of the way of this gaseous cloud?

All of that collaborative stuff works because you're in a common Internet environment. I don't mean to suggest that just putting Internet in there solves all the problems, but it creates a layer of compatibility, which today is inhibited by too much dependence on too low a level of compatibility. What we want is higher-level compatibility among all of the services, which Internet is designed to offer.


Q: And in hard-core emergency management, is that technology ready to be as bulletproof as a police radio or something along that line?

A: Well, I'd suggest to you that if the military is using this, and they are, that it has to be at least as tough as the situation that the police and the fire departments are experiencing.


Jessica Jones  |  Associate Editor
Steve Towns  |  Executive Editor