2008 California IT Survey Results

The survey collected information from 123 departments and agencies in California to get a better understanding of the IT environment in the state.

by / December 18, 2008

In May 2008, the Office of the State Chief Information Officer (OCIO) of California conducted a statewide survey to help better understand key information technology statistics. Included in the finds in information on how services are delivered, infrastructure (mainframes, servers, storage), e-mail services and the overall technical environment within agencies. Of the 123 entities that were surveyed, 92 responded partially or in whole.

An executive summary of the report is as follows:

  • The state maintains a significant number of IT facilities, equipment and staff across individual organizations. This provides an opportunity for consolidation, particularly with e-mail services.
  • The state could improve governance, stake holder buy in and communication of IT investments by standardizing reporting relationships as well as roles and responsibilities within state agencies for setting IT priorities.
  • The state could improve the management of IT resources by increasing the centralization of services.
  • The state could improve the value for project feasibility studies by standardizing roles and responsibilities within state agencies.

Other key points included in the report are:

  • The state owns 409,000 sq feet of floor space in 405 locations dedicated to data centers and sever rooms.
  • State agencies support 16,364 mobile devices.
  • The state owns 9,494 servers.
  • 84 percent of respondents are not using the Department of Technology Services.
  • Agency and department e-mail systems use 75 terabytes of storage and support approximately 180,000 e-mail inboxes.