Attack Cripples RIAA Web Site

The Recording Industry Association of America suspects the attacks are retaliation for anti-pirating legislation passed last week.

by / July 30, 2002
NEW YORK (AP) -- In an apparently deliberate denial-of-service attack, an onslaught of traffic crippled the Web site for the Recording Industry Association of America over the weekend.

The disruptions began Friday, a day after Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., formally proposed giving the entertainment industry broad new powers -- including deliberately interfering with file-sharing programs -- to try to stop people from downloading pirated music and movies.

A denial of service attack directs so much traffic to the Web site as to effectively render it unusable for legitimate visitors. The RIAA said the attack continued through Sunday and did not involve breaking into internal systems.

"We can only wonder if some of these people don't have something better to do during the summer than hack our site," said RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy. "For some, perhaps it at least provided a temporary distraction from illegally downloading music."

Berman's bill would not allow such denial-of-service attacks against Web sites. However, his office said it would allow copyright holders to overwhelm peer-to-peer networks by making repeated requests for specific pirated files.

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