A bureaucratic process between California counties and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will soon be history, thanks to collaboration between the DMV and Kevin Dickey, deputy CIO and chief information security officer of Contra Costa County, Calif.

For years, the DMV has required the numerous business units within all the counties to fill out a thick application for continuing their data access arrangements with the DMV. Completing the applications has been a nuisance for county CIOs because they have to help each business unit with the technology aspects of the application every time a business unit needs to complete one.

"We have 17 different business units in my county that DMV sends a separate package to," Dickey said.

DMV staff found administrating all of those packages equally burdensome, according to Paulette Johnson, chief information security officer for the California DMV.

Different county units get the packages at different times of the year, meaning Dickey and other county CIOs have to go through the process several times annually. Getting the completed applications approved by the DMV is another headache, according to Dickey.

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Andy Opsahl is a former writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.