The state of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced that it has awarded a $2 million, six-year contract to CIBER Inc. to implement a Web-based Air Emissions Inventory System to help the state monitor and manage pollutants regulated under the U.S. Clean Air Act. The new system will replace a custom-built IT system that relies on older technology and that has been in use at the department for many years. The new system will offer the advantages of updated technology, and will automate numerous manual, paper-based data collection processes.

The attention on global climate change and evolving federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations are putting greater pressure on all states to more efficiently and cost effectively monitor and report on environmental concerns.

For Connecticut, CIBER will provide project management, analysis, design, development and implementation services. Connecticut's new Air Emissions Inventory System will be based on one that CIBER built and implemented at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the third largest air-quality program in the nation. Using Microsoft .NET technology, the system offers a greenhouse gas inventory system and comprehensive reporting of industrial, area, and mobile emissions.

The new system provides a comprehensive inventory that will integrate with the department's existing IT system, as well as with the federal EPA's IT systems. It will support public inquiries -- via the Internet -- into emissions data, and offers flexibility and scalability so it can evolve with the department's programs and changing state and federal regulations.