Editorial: Advancing an Innovation Agenda

Technology journalist Alex Howard outlines policy suggestions for Pres. Obama that he feels will help unlock innovation in the U.S. economy.

by / November 15, 2012

As President Obama prepares to officially start his second term, those vested in technology are making suggestions for priorities that should make it onto his "innovation agenda." The Brookings Center for Technology Innovation recently hosted a speakers panel on the topic. And now technology journalist Alex Howard of O'Reilly Radar has written an editorial which outlines key tenets of an innovation agenda.

Summarizing ideas brought forth by the Brookings Center as well as Race Against the Machine authors Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, Howard offers his own advice for the President.

Investments in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education should be evidence-based, using data to measure the effectiveness of different aproaches. Priority on research in development should go to biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science and alternative energy. He further recommends immigration reform that would motivate international entrepreneurs and researchers to study in the U.S. and build their businesses and careers here upon graduation. Howard also suggests increasing investments in small businesses and startups, supporting the emerging data economy and incentivizing "last mile" broadband development.

Read the full editorial on O'Reilly Radar.