The Florida Senate today approved SB 1974, which would

  • Create the Agency for Enterprise Information Technology within the Executive Office of the Governor
  • Provide for the Governor and Cabinet to be the head of the agency
  • Require that the agency be a separate budget entity that is not subject to the control of the Executive Office of the Governor
  • Provide for an executive director of the agency to be subject to confirmation by the Senate
  • Provide for the executive director to be the chief information officer of the state and the executive sponsor for all enterprise information technology projects, and more.

The 42-page bill is sponsored by Sen. Al Lawson, D-Tallahassee, who heads the Senate's Governmental Operations Committee. Lawson was quoted by the Tallahassee Democrat, saying that ''We have a track record of busted projects and broken budgets.''

Wayne Hanson  |  Editor