HB 66

Requires the Department of Information Resources (DIR) to select, if feasible, software that reduces personal computer power consumption to be used on a portion of the state agencies' 109,000 computers and the state universities' 193,000 computers. According to the legislature's analysis of the bill, the unused power could save the state an average of $20 per computer per year.

HB 119

Requires competitive bidding and a written contract for any state agency purchase of more than $5,000.  If that contract is not based on at least three catalog offers, another state agency must document the reason.

HB 2714

Requires that agencies considering bids for computer equipment prefer manufacturers with a program to recycle the computers of other manufacturers, and prohibits agencies from buying computer equipment from manufacturers that do not have such programs.

HB 2918

Transfers aspects of technology procurement remaining at the Texas Building and Procurement Commission (TBPC) to DIR.

HB 3560

Renames the TBPC the Texas Facilities Commission and retains its building and facilities-related duties and powers, but transfers the TBPC procurement responsibilities to the comptroller.

SB 608

Prohibits agencies from accepting a bid or awarding contracts to a person or business convicted of violating federal law in connection with a federal contract for relief after hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Some people and organizations took advantage of the vulnerable hurricane circumstances to perpetrate fraudulent activities, according to the bill.



HB 321

Establishes a Health and Human Services Commission pilot to gauge the feasibility of importing electronic eligibility information from a regional care provider for the poor. Using an electronic database may improve process efficiency and save money by keeping patient information current, according to the bill.

SB 687

DIR TexasOnline bill; defines point of sale transactions, allows agencies to use TexasOnline for payment tracking systems and allows DIR to adopt rules requiring greater consistency between TexasOnline and agencies' Web sites.

HB 3430