Statement from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

"My Administration and the Council share the same goal of ensuring that thousands of tons of electronic waste are recycled instead of thrown into landfills, and we largely agree on how to achieve it. We are separating the issue into two bills so we can move forward on the broad areas where we have reached consensus, instead of letting our differences stop all progress. This is the best solution for our City and our environment."

Statement from Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn

"We're proud to have reached an agreement with the Mayor to create and quickly implement a comprehensive electronic-waste recycling program for New York City.  While we are pleased to have reached this agreement, the Council still believes that enforceable collection standards must be a part of any e-waste program.  Therefore, we will be simultaneously passing legislation to create those standards.  But we will not let that delay us in implementing an effective program, and allowing electronics to continue to pile up in our homes, or pollute our air and water."

Statement from Council Member Bill de Blasio, Lead Sponsor of E-Waste Legislation

"I am proud that we have reached an agreement with Mayor Bloomberg on my electronic recycling legislation. This is a major step forward in confronting the growing problem of toxic electronic waste which is harming our environment and our communities. We are pleased that the program can now be implemented. We continue to believe that performance standards are critical to ensuring that the program is successful, and look forward to working with the Mayor, the Speaker and the rest of the Council to see those standards implemented in the program."

Statement from Sanitation and Solid Waste Management Committee Chair Michael E. McMahon

"This compromise by the Speaker, the Council and the Mayor is both insightful and enlightened.  We will eliminate tons of toxic materials from going to our landfills and incinerators, we will be catalyzing the reuse of natural resources and we will be saving the city money."