Photo: Curt Kolcun, vice president, U.S. Public Sector at Microsoft

In response to the demand for flexible, hosted vertical industry application solutions, Microsoft Corp. unveiled a new suite of offerings today that it says will revolutionize how government and education customers manage critical pieces of their business. The new brand, Public Sector On-Demand Solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a set of solutions designed for U.S. government and education organizations seeking an alternative to traditional on-premise applications.

"Public sector customers are working to deliver the next generation of capabilities to dramatically lower costs, increase productivity, streamline operations and reduce custom development time," said Curt Kolcun, vice president, U.S. Public Sector at Microsoft. "The Public Sector On-Demand cloud-based solutions we are launching with our partners represent the first of many such hosted applications. This is a big step forward for Microsoft in providing choice and flexibility for how these solutions are delivered."

Microsoft launched Public Sector On-Demand Solutions with the establishment of a community engagement site, Public Sector Idea Bank, developed with Neighborhood America, an award-winning enterprise social networking platform provider. Idea Bank will feature the solutions announced today and serve as a central collaboration vehicle for Microsoft, its partners and public sector customers to interact, discover new solutions and share ideas for new tool development.

These solutions also are intended to help customers with technology priorities outlined by the Obama administration, including a more transparent and connected government, or what many are calling "Gov 2.0." The concept of Gov 2.0 is about opening up two-way communication within and between government agencies and between government agencies and citizens. Microsoft's Public Sector On-Demand Solutions help organizations improve communication and citizen services through a full-service, constituent relationship management service, hosted by one of Microsoft's certified partners. The cloud-computing, browser-based service provides public sector organizations with off-the-shelf tools that aggregate a 360-degree view of critical data, enterprise-class reporting and analytics, all with virtually no ramp-up time.

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