Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt recently commended efforts made by the Information Technology Services Division at the Office of Administration for recognizing savings through information technology consolidations.

"Missouri's current IT system results in duplicated processes and efforts," Blunt said. "I commend the Information Technology Services Division for capitalizing on the opportunity of consolidating IT services under a single authority which has resulted in recognized savings for Missouri's hardworking taxpayers."

Consolidating IT services will amount to a $2.4 million reduction in assessments to state agencies for State Data Center costs in FY06.

Consolidating authority over IT staff and budgets has allowed the state to avoid refilling six IT positions in the Department of Mental Health and Department of Social Services. Consolidation has also allowed the state to prescribe one good tool to swipe hard drives on decommissioned PC's which will ensure that citizen's confidential information will be erased from PC's sent to Surplus Property.

In June the division renegotiated its telecommunications contract with Sprint and initiated other cost reduction measures, which will reduce state agencies telecommunications costs by $835,000 in FY06 and by at least $400,000 per year through FY10.

"By consolidating the majority of state IT budgets, staffing and equipment, Gov. Blunt has put in place the framework to leverage Missouri's considerable IT investment," Chief Information Officer Dan Ross said. "This consolidation provides me the tools to effect significant measurable cost reductions along with product and process improvements."