No longer allowed to issue fines for the 40 red light cameras installed, New York City is looking for a way to make use of the cameras it already bought and paid for. On a radio program, Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested the city could use the photos to “shame” traffic law violators.

The idea is to create an online “wall of shame” that displays the names and photos of traffic law violators, similar to DUI walls of shame created by many police departments across the country. Historically many judges have also issued creative, shameful punishments to offenders of minor crimes, usually requiring the offender to wear a sign or embarrassing clothing in public.

Shortly after New York City installed the cameras, state legislators overturned the law allowing fines from the cameras, an outcome Bloomberg decried. "And we just can't get Albany to give us the authority to just do whatever number makes sense for us," Bloomberg said last week during a radio appearance, as reported by Dana Rubinstein for Capital New York. "And why somebody from upstate should be deciding how many red light cameras we have or speeding cameras, another good idea, only in the crazy world of Albany."