How It Works: Inside New York City's 311 System (VIDEO)

City officials explain how technology is making government-to-citizen communication faster and more efficient.

by / September 11, 2012
Joseph Morrisroe, executive director of NYC 311, works with a staff member in the city's call center. Photo by Donnelly Marks Photo by Donnelly Marks

To keep up with the evolving world of technology and increase efficiency, New York City recently upgraded its 311 call center by integrating social media, mobile applications and texting access. NYC311 Training Director Michelle Bravo said the city is able to provide service at the customer's discretion through new mediums.

“311 had to evolve from a one-to-one model of service delivery to a one-to-many approach,” NYC311 Call Center Director Saadia Chaudry said. “We had to meet our customers where they are. They're online, they're texting, they're using social media. Self-service options allow the city and 311 to push information to a much broader audience.”

By using open data, the city provides access to information such as service request maps, which users can access online or thorough their mobile devices.

To learn more about NYC311, check out this video about it.