Startup Seattle Targets Tech Growth

Economic development initiative sets sights on encouraging the growth of tech startups.

by / May 10, 2013
Photo from Shutterstock.

Joined by local tech honchos like Startup Weekend's Mark Nager and tech investor Chris DeVore, the city of Seattle is embarking on a new effort to encourage the development of technology-related companies. According to a report in GeekWire, Startup Seattle will offer resources to aspiring entrepreneurs, including a startup business liaison on the city payroll. 

The initiative will relaunch a website that will compile online resources for startups, as well as parter with several organizations with similar areas of focus. Startup Seattle will also work with and Startup Weekend to link high school students with local tech opportunities, support the continued development of broadband infrastructure, and create "innovation hubs" with resources that appeal to tech start-ups, like the one planned around the University of Washington.

“Startups are great at telling their individual stories but bad at representing themselves as a class,” DeVore told GeekWire. “In a global competition for talent and capital, Seattle needs a non-partisan, non-commercial voice that aggregates data and stories from our community and broadcasts them to the world.”

Photo from Shutterstock