The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has released the 2008-2012 state strategic plan for information resources management. The document was developed with input from state agencies, the public education community, local government, and an advisory group appointed by the DIR Board.

The plan: The Texas Transformation: Delivering Technology that Matters, conveys statewide alignment with leadership and legislative direction, and provides the roadmap for how Texas state government will deploy information and communications technology to serve citizens, clients and customers. It also lays out the objectives and strategies that will drive government technology transformation for the next five years. This plan is a tool for state agencies and government entities to develop their own IT strategic plans.

"The Texas vision for technology is one that maximizes technology investment by sharing infrastructure, collaboration across government, and supporting the core missions of individual agencies," said Brian Rawson, Chief Technology Officer for the State of Texas. "As a state we have already made strong progress in transforming technology in Texas. I believe the plan is evolutionary rather than revolutionary."

The plan establishes several goals, including:

  • Leveraging the state's investment in shared technology infrastructure.
  • Protecting and securing technology assets and information while safeguarding citizen privacy.
  • Simplification of citizen, government and business access to public-sector services and information.
  • Promotion of the innovative use of technology that positively impacts the state's business, as well as its economic development.

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) is a state agency that promotes a shared vision for Texas where the state maximizes the value of its technology investment by identifying common areas of interest, using technology to advance agency-specific missions, and preserving flexibility to innovate.