Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013

The role of the CIO is changing and here’s a list of what the new job entails.

by / September 21, 2012
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The role of the CIO has changed over the years and today that role is heading toward leadership and a focus on operations, rather than just on technology, according to To outline the future of the CIO position and what strategic CIOs can expect, Forbes assembled a top 10 list of the most important strategic CIO issues.

The list focuses on several key themes, including social networking, centralizing business operations, utilizing analytics and cloud services. Here's the list:

  1. Simplify IT and transform your spending: Kick the 80/20 budget habit.
  2. Lead the social revolution. Drive the social-enabled enterprise.
  3. Unleash your organization’s intelligence: create the enterprisewide opportunity chain.
  4. Embrace the engagement economy: Merge the back office and front office into the customer office.
  5. Future-proof your IT architecture.
  6. Upgrade “cloud strategy” to “business transformation enabled by the cloud.”
  7. Transform big data into big insights, big vision and big opportunities.
  8. Preside over a shotgun wedding: systems of record marry systems of engagement.
  9. Lead with speed: CIO as chief acceleration officer.
  10. Bend the value curve: more innovation, less integration.

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