Ajit Pai

FCC Head Bemoans Focus on Net Neutrality

Lauren Gibbons, MLive.com / September 21, 2018

Georgia County Proceeds, Unhindered By Federal Voting Tech Ruling

Billy Hobbs, The Union-Recorder / September 21, 2018

Massachusetts Auditor Faults State IoT Adoption Practices

/ September 21, 2018

New Report Documents Stages of Gentrification in Austin

Leah Binkovitz, The Urban Edge / September 20, 2018

California Police Agency Drops Self-Deleting Text App Amid Concern

Alene Tchekmedyian, James Queally, Los Angeles Times / September 20, 2018

Community Advocates Make Push for Dedicated Scooter, Bike Lanes in Ohio

Rick Rouan, The Columbus Dispatch / September 19, 2018
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