SF Supervisor Rethinks Where Robots Fit on City Sidewalks

Rachel Swan, San Francisco Chronicle / October 18, 2017

Proposed LAPD Drone Policy Draws Public Ire

Brenda Gazzar, Wes Woods, Daily News / October 18, 2017

Electronic Tracking Spurs Workplace Privacy Debate

Marissa Lang, San Francisco Chronicle / October 18, 2017

California Wireless Tower Permitting Bill Vetoed

Tracy Seipel, Mercury News / October 16, 2017

Nobody Reads Privacy Policies – Here’s How To Fix That

Florian Schaub, Professor, University of Michigan / October 10, 2017

City Texts at Center of Forensic Investigation

Earle Kimel, Sarasota Herald-Tribune / October 9, 2017
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