3-D Printing Offered a Workaround for Man Barred from Owning a Gun

Alejandro Martínez-Cabrera, Austin American-Statesman / February 15, 2019

Sheriff to Buy Device to Download Info from Cellphones

Ricardo Torres, The Journal Times / February 14, 2019

Self-Driving Cars See Less Human Intervention in California

Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle / February 14, 2019

R.I. Aims to Ban 3D-Printed Guns Before They Become an Issue

Patrick Anderson, The Providence Journal / February 13, 2019

Why Houston Cops Didn't Wear Body Cams in Botched Drug Bust

St. John Barned-Smith and Keri Blakinger, Houston Chronicle / February 13, 2019

After Illicit Prison Deliveries, Georgia Eyes Anti-Drone Law

Wes Wolfe, The Brunswick News / February 13, 2019

Trump Order Makes Artificial Intelligence Research a Priority

Ben Brody, Bloomberg News / February 12, 2019

Human Bests IBM’s Project Debater AI in Public Showdown

Levi Sumagaysay, The Mercury News / February 12, 2019

Robot Mail Delivery? One Company Thinks It’s the Future

Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press / February 12, 2019

Massachusetts Considers Bill to Limit Facial Recognition

Christian M. Wade, The Eagle-Tribune / February 11, 2019

Columbus, Ohio, Prepares to Launch Second AV Shuttle Service

/ February 11, 2019

Salisbury, Mass., Police Consider How They Could Use Drones

Rogers Dave, The Daily News of Newburyport / February 8, 2019
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